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Home Roof Inspections Phoenix

4 most important questions to ask your roofing representative:

  • How much roofing experience do you personally have?
  • Are you a NRCIA or HAAG Engineering Certified Roof Inspector?
  • Is there supervision on my project and by whom?
  • Does your company carry liability insurance?

Roof damage and roof leaks can come in all forms and timely roof repair can save homeowners further stress and financial frustration down the road. It is always good to have your roof inspected on an annual basis. A trained roofing contractor or certified roof inspector can provide you with the condition of your roof.

Roof Repair Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale and surrounding area

Repairing a tile roof, shingle roof or flat roof requires an experienced roofing professional to locate the cause of the roof leak and provide optimum solutions for your roof. A roof repair is far more in depth then general roof maintenance, but can prevent a costly and premature roof replacement.

Catching a Leak Early

The importance of catching a roof leak early goes way beyond the roof itself. Roof leaks can cause serious damage to the interior of your home, not to mention mold that can foster. YES we do have mold in Arizona. If you catch a roof problem early you can avoid an expensive roofing disaster later.

Infrared Leak detection

Using the latest technology of infrared we can locate many to find roof leaks, many times in can be a window, pipe, penetration or even a wall.

Roofing Contractor Phoenix

Choosing the Right Phoenix Roofing Contractor. It is important that you choose a Arizona roofing contractor that understands roof leaks; most roofing contractors will send out a commissioned roofing sales person who wants to sell an entire new roof. Be careful to make sure to ask questions, let your roofing contractor know up front you are looking for a repair only. Let the Roofing sales person show you the condition of your roof and the options you have.

The best option is to hire a certified HAAG Engineering or NRCIA roof inspector who will be able to provide you a digital roof inspection showing the issues your roof has, and provide you options.

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Asphalt shingles usually attract large amounts of heat, which are then radiated down-wards. Proper venting prolongs the life of your shingles, be sure to ask your contractor about roof venting. Not having the proper roof venting could void your manufacturer’s shingle warranty.

House Roof Repairs

If you are thinking about replacing your residential shingle roof or feel you have storm damage call 602-829-9484 and have your roof inspected by a certified roof inspector all at no cost to you or your insurance company.

Roofing Associations Memberships
Roofing Associations Memberships