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Patio Roof Leak Repair Phoenix

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Here in the Desert we either have a patio with a flat roof or an Arizona room... and sometimes they leak.

If you have an Arizona room or flat patio it is constructed with wood rafters most likely on 16” centers and a plywood deck. The roof itself is usually rolled roofing of some type. Over time our desert sun beats down on these roofs causing them to “dry-out” and deteriorate. Many Phoenix homeowners try to fix their patio leaks themselves usually with some type of white coating. Elastomeric coatings aren’t really a waterproofing liquid but more of a roof protection over the actual roof repair.

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Where do most flat patio roofs leak?

Where most flat patio and Arizona room roof leaks occur is usually at the tie-in. The tie-in is the area where your patio roof meets the roof of your home. The roofing membrane of the patio has to go up under the house roof material at least 18”. Many of our homes have tile roofs and sometimes the tiles may “dig” into the rolled roofing and over times breaches the rolled roofing and creates a leak.

Another area where a flat patio roof or Arizona room roof can leak is around the perimeter of the flat roof. Over time the area between the metal edge and the actual roofing membrane will start to lift. This attracts dirt, which over time makes it worst trapping moisture and causing deterioration.

Phoenix Area Flat Roof Repair

After your roof is repaired it is a good idea to apply an elastomeric coating or Silicone coating to your repaired flat roof. This adds reflectivity to your flat patio roof keeping the patio area cooler. If you have an enclosed area like an Arizona room you may want to think about upgrading to and foam roof system.

Foam Roofing For Phoenix Patio Roofs

Call TRM Roofing and ask about installing foam on your Arizona room’s flat roof.

Foam (SPF which stands for Sprayed Polyurethane Foam) is a seamless and continuous roof. Foam is energy efficient and can cool down your Arizona room considerably over rolled or built up roofing. Foam has an R-Value of 6.9 per inch. Foam is lightweight and TRM Roofing can tie into the roof of you home. Foam does cost a bit more than traditional roofing systems on flat patios or Arizona rooms.

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Roofing Associations Memberships