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Independent Roof Inspections In Phoenix, AZ

Including Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills and surrounding communities.

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Phoenix Insurance Underwriters and Risk Managers don’t take the RISK by not inspecting a roof before you underwrite it! Our independent roof inspection services company can put it all into perspective for you.

Loss control or pre-coverage visual roof inspections

An Independent certified roof inspector looks at all aspects of the roof you’re insuring. TRM Roofing certified roof inspectors look at the roof construction, how the roof was installed, what the roof type is and what the current roof condition is, (including pre-existing hail or storm damage). A well constructed roof will reduce the risk to the underwriter and insurance carrier.

Loss Control Insurance Roof inspections

Are you looking for an independent roof inspection or some roof estimate from a roofer looking for business?

In most states insurance underwriters are provided a 60-day window for inspecting the property they are underwriting. This inspection period gives the Phoenix insurance underwriters the opportunity to see what the condition of the roof is in. It is not uncommon for insurance underwriters or risk managers to look to the roofing industry and find a Phoenix roofer that can assess a commercial or residential roof. Many times insurance professionals are disappointed by a roof inspection report from a roofing contractor. It’s more of a roof estimate than a report on the risk of insurance the roof.

Phoenix Loss Control Inspectors

A big compliant of Phoenix insurance underwriters or Phoenix insurance risk managers have, when hiring a Phoenix independent roof inspector, is finding a roof inspector that is objective. Many property inspectors do not have the roofing experience that is needed to assess the roof construction, type of roof, current condition and potential risk of insuring the roof.

Phoenix area loss control firms usually hire older inspectors who do not like climbing on roofs. Many loss control inspectors will just quickly glance at the roof and put it into their loss control report along with how many fire extinguishers or exits they have.

Phoenix Roofers

Most Phoenix roofing contractors want to sell and put on new roofs, not asses the risk. Insurance underwriters and other insurance professionals in Arizona rely on Phoenix roofers to inspect their roofs. If there is an opportunity for the roofing contractors to get a new roof or roof repair work out of it they will provide a written roof report for free. Phoenix roofing contractors are not trained to assess the risk. Sure, they will give close up of damaging roof issues but not create a story of roof pictures to help aid the insurance underwriter make the right choice.

Roofing Associations Memberships
Roofing Associations Memberships