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How to identify Hail Damage to Your Roof

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What does hail damage look like?

AFTER A HAIL STORM, start by checking the trees and shrubs around your property. If they are stripped of their leaves, there is a good possibility that your roof has hail damage. Before you contact your homeowner’s insurance company you may want to check with a reputable roofing contractor who has been trained by HAAG Engineering, has an insurance adjusting background and is able to actually provide accurate information.

If you have a shingle roof look in the roof gutters and on the ground for large amounts of mineral granules lost from the roof. If you have a flat roof look at the rooftop vents and the condenser fins of your HVAC units. Look at your gutter downspouts and your window screens and the metal frame. Run your hand along the metal surface to feel for any indentations. Also, look at your fences and wood trim. Hail damage can be as simple as damage to the stain or paint. Remember, damage to gutters, fences and screen may fall under your ACV part of your insurance policy. ACV (Actual Cash Value) is what you would pay for a similar item at today’s current cost MINUS depreciation (replacement cost minus depreciation).

Insurance Roof Claim Specialists

One last thing that is important; whether you have a commercial or residential property; if you are on-site during the hail storm, record the storm details: storm duration, hail size, wind direction, if you are able. It is also wise to hire a certified roof inspector to inspect your roof and provide a digital photo roof inspection report BEFORE a hail storm, which is very useful if you have to file a claim.

Examples courtesy of Nicholas Bryditzki, Total Roof Management, who has inspected thousands of commercial and residential properties across the United States.

Hail Damage Fraud.

Get the real hail damage roof repair cost - from an expert.

Having your building or home damaged by hail may be hard to avoid. But you can avoid being a victim by dishonest roofing contractors who go door to door in areas that had reported hail offering “free roof inspections”. THINK! You are actually entering into a relationship, like a marriage with some person who knocked on your door! Are you willing to hand over your insurance checks to someone who just knocked on your door? Are you willing to trust your most valuable possession to someone who just knocked on your door?

Here’s a quick checklist for hiring a Roofer:

• NEVER hire an out-of-state roofer.
• ALWAYS get more than one roofing estimate.
• DON’T get pushed into signing a roofing contract.
• GOOGLE your roof inspector and your roofing contractor.
• NEVER sign a blank roofing contract.

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