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Flat Roof Drain Repair

Why flat roof leaks occur at scuppers & drains.

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The biggest problems with flat roofs in Phoenix...

Wall scuppers and roof drains always seem to be a source of roof leak issues. Many roofers blame the problem on the plumbing below the drains while plumbers blame the roofing contractors. Both drains and scuppers have a tendency to leak and locating them sometimes can be difficult.

REMEMBER:  Sometimes a leak can occur at a drain just because it is blocked with debris and allows the water to back track!

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In-roof drain leaks

Roof Drain Leaks

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If you are having roof leaks at or near drains and wall scuppers call the leak experts at TRM Roofing and request to have a roof audit performed on your building. Let the commercial roofing experts show you exactly what is going on up there.

Roof scrupper leaks

Solar Roof Pumps for Flat Roofs that pond Water

A solar roof pump can remove ponding water. If installed before the roof is damaged it can save costly repairs for flat roofs. Many property owners forget about their flat roofs until it rains, a flat Phoenix flat roof that ponds water is dangerous!

For all your flat roof issues call TRM Roofing: Total Roof Management at 602-829-9484.

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Roofing Associations Memberships