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Cheap Flat Roof Repair Phoenix

Biggest problem with cheap commercial flat roof repairs... they don’t work!

YES! There are Phoenix roofers out there that will attempt to fix a flat roof leak for cheap, cheap! As a commercial property owner or manager you may have to think what type of Phoenix roofing contractor you are hiring. When a Arizona roofer offers a “too good to be true” price to fix a leak on a Phoenix flat roof it may be just that... “Too good to be true”. I have heard horror stories and fixed these type cheap roof repairs done by folks claiming to be professional roofing contractors. Most will spread some “bull” or plastic roof cement across the area where they think the roof leak is. Others may just take your money and run, knowing they wont be around if it leaks again. And, if it is a legitimate Arizona roofing contractor where will they cut corners to make the job profitable.

Wall Scupper Repair

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Chaep Flat Roof Repairs

Most professional Arizona roofing contractors will send a roofing technician or roofing estimator to diagnosis your Phoenix roof leak issue, provide a detailed scope of work, maybe even a full digital roof report with pictures showing commercial property owners their current roof issues and solutions. At that point, a roofing team or crew will be dispatched to proceed to repair the flat roof leak.

Simple economics dictates that professional contractors who carry liability insurance, workmen’s compensations insurance, bonded and guarantee their workmanship cannot provide a roof leak solution for a Phoenix leaky roof for cheap, cheap and stay in business.

Is it wise to install a cheap flat roof? Hire the lowest bidder?

Cheap Flat Roof Fixes

Roofing is a service, with material costs that are market volatile, whether you have a 3-man crew or a 10-man crew, it doesn’t make a difference. Roofing is not a “Box Store”, it is a skilled craft… especially Phoenix roof restoration!

Many unsuspecting property owners will hire Phoenix roofing contractors off of Craigslist® or other free advertising mediums. There’s nothing really wrong with advertising in free or low cost advertising mediums, but because they are free or virtually free to advertise, anyone can advertise that they are a roofer, SO BUYER BEWARE! Other desperate roofers will actually advertise that they are the cheapest roofer in the Valley of the Sun. Do you think, that a talented roofing contractor is really willing to work hard for less money? No one is dumb enough to set out to be the cheapest flat roof contractor in the Phoenix Metro area?

There is nothing wrong with trying to get the BEST VALUE, but don’t just buy a cheap flat roof or get cheap flat roof repair, especially from an unlicensed roofer who is proud of being a cheap roofing contractor!




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