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Roof Certifications In Metro Phoenix

Are you selling or buying a home in the Phoenix area and need a roof certification?

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What is a Leak FREE® Roof Certification?

Roof certifications are very much different than a home inspection. In most home inspection reports the licensed home inspector will note to contact a licensed roofing professional. Home inspectors usually do not thoroughly inspect the roof.

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A Leak FREE® Roof Certification is a formal certificate issued by a NRCIA member after he has performed a Visual ROOF® inspection of a property following the NRCIA Inspection Protocols and has determined that the roof has met the Leak FREE® Roof Certification criteria subject to its terms and conditions.

FHA Roof Certifications

Is your mortgage company, bank or insurance company requiring a roof certification for your Phoenix roof? Are you buying a house and are curious about the roof's condition? Did your home inspector recommend a roof inspection? Do you want a 2-year roof warranty? If you roof leaks during the roof certification, don’t you want to be able to dial one number, have priority service, and prevent expensive repair bills? Have your roof inspect and certified by a licensed roofing contractor, certified roof inspector, and a licensed insurance adjuster.

How a Roof Certification Works

A certified Roof Inspector will inspect your roof to see if it qualifies for a NRCIA Leak Free Roof Certification, which is widely accepted by FHA, VA, Banks and Insurance Companies. Your NRCIA Phoenix Certified Roof Inspector will inspect your shingle; tile, foam or flat roof follows NCRIA protocols. If your roof does not require any repairs a 2-year NRCIA Leak Free® Roof Certification is provided. If your roof does require repairs to meet NRCIA roofing standards then we will provide a scope of work, roof repair price and credit back the inspection fee. The homeowner is free to use a licensed roofer of their choice; an addition inspection will be assessing to re-inspect the roof and the roofing contractor’s work performed

Roof Inspections & Certification

Is your Mortgage Company or Insurance Company asking for a roof certification?

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NRCIA Roof Certifications By Phoenix Roofing Contractor

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What does a Leak FREE® Roof Certification cover? The standard Leak FREE® Roof Certification covers repairing leaks from normal wear and tear or a leak missed by the inspector during the certification period.

What happens if a leak occurs during the Leak FREE® Certification Period? The Leak FREE® certificate holder notifies the member who issued the certification that a leak has occurred. The member at a top priority level performs a leak inspection to determine the proximate cause of the leak for a nominal fee. If it is determined that the leak was caused by a normal wear and tear or an error on the part of the inspector, all necessary steps would be taken to stop the leak at no additional cost to the certificate holder. If there is any dispute with the member recommendations, contact the Chapter President in your area.

What about storm damage or third party damage? The standard Leak FREE® Roof Certification does not provide coverage for "acts of God" or third party damages.

Can any roofing contractor issue a Leak FREE® Roof Certification? No! The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted the exclusive right to the NRCIA to perform Visual ROOF® Inspections and issuing Leak FREE® Roof Certifications. The NRCIA grants to its active members the right to perform inspections and issuing through its system Leak FREE® Roof Certifications.

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Roofing Associations Memberships
Roofing Associations Memberships