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Sun Lakes, Arizona is and active adult community within in five different county club communities and three HOA’s. If you have an older tile roof, shingle roof or flat roof before you think about having it replaced you may want to look on having it repaired first. Sun Lakes roofing services are available from our Phoenix Roofing Team.

Tile Roof Repair Sun Lakes

Tile roof repair by Sun Lakes roofing contractor. Call 602-829-9484

Sun Lakes Tile Roof systems: Concrete tile roof systems can last a lifetime; it’s the underlayment that deteriorates and causes leaks. Many Sun Lake tile roofs can be repaired, but if your tile roof is pushing two decades old you may start thinking of a roof replacement. Remember, in most cases you are only replacing the underlayment and the tiles themselves.

Roof Repair Sun Lakes

To repair or replace your Sun Lakes tile roof...that is the question!

All tile repairs come with a warranty, but a tile roof repair is different from just a quick patch or band-aid on a tile roof that has reached the end of its life cycle. It’s like your car’s tires, a patch may work, but a new tire will come with a warranty and last a long time. If you have an old and worn out set of tires, a patch will get you by, TEMPORARILY but probably is not the best use of your money.

The best option is to have your tile roof inspected by a trained tile roof expert and not just a roofing sales person. Your roofing contractor should provide a digital graphic video that can show you in real time what the condition of your roof is in and what are the solutions to your roofing issues.

Sun Lakes, Arizona

Sun Lakes is located just a few miles away from Chandler Fashion Center mall and just 20 minutes from Phoenix. Sun Lakes residents have several 18 hole and 9 hole golf courses to play, with five clubhouses and many restaurants.

Roofing Associations Memberships
Roofing Associations Memberships