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Arizona is home to some of the valleys most beautiful homes and architecture. As with most cities in Arizona, area roofs take a beating. Whether you have a tile roof, shingle roof or a commercial flat roof there are ways to keep extend the life of your roof. These roofing services are available from our Phoenix Roofing Team.

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Tile Roof Repair

Tile roof systems: Many structures in , Arizona have concrete or clay tile roof systems. Concrete tiles are much more durable to foot traffic than clay or Mexican sand-cast tiles. If you want your roof to last longer you may want to consult with a tile roof expert and see if roof maintenance will work for you. Many times roof maintenance can extend the life of your tile roof. In most cases other than Mexican Sand cast, most area contractors are just replacing the underlayment and not your tiles; your concrete or clay tiles should last for decades. Before you think you have to replace your entire tile roof ask your roofing contractor about just replacing sections instead of the entire tile roof at one time.

Roof Coatings

Roof restoration for flat roofs: If you have a commercial building with an older flat roof that leaks you may want to think about roof restoration. Most area roofers are all too quick to provide roof estimates to sell a new and expensive roof. We have an option that cannot only add years to the life of your roof but is an incredible tax advantage over roof replacement.

APOC Silicone Roof Restoration Systems: Silicone liquid membranes are superior to elastomeric coatings. In fact, elastomeric coatings will break down in low areas of a flat roof that pond water. An APOC or Polyglass Silicone cool roof restoration system can almost pay for it self through reduced energy bills in summer. Silicone reflective cool roof coatings can extend the useful life of nearly every flat roof by keeping the flat roof surface cool and providing protection from our Arizona sun and weather.

Patio Repair

Many roofers don’t like to mess with patio or roofs for Arizona room. In most cases your patio roof can be restored. If you see water stains at the soffits, rotting fascia boards there is a good chance your patio roof needs repair or replacement.

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Did you know that , Arizona wasn’t always named “”? It was first known as “Orangedale”. Albert Utley owned 640 acres of land. In 1894 he set side some land for this new town that he called “Orangedale” because it was perfect for growing oranges and other citrus fruits.

Roofing Associations Memberships
Roofing Associations Memberships