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Roof Inspections Protect Your Investment

Do you really know what the condition of your Phoenix roof is? Do you own a Phoenix commercial property, Phoenix apartment complex or Phoenix retail strip center and are concerned about the condition of your roof. In fact, many Phoenix facility managers, property owners or property management companies rely on Phoenix roofing contractors to give them an assessment of their roof. Is there a conflict of interest when using a roofing contractor? Remember, to a roofer, “Every Roof Needs To Be Replaced!” Well, not every roofer, but you get our drift.

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Phoenix Roof Inspection Reports

TRM Roofing Consumer Roof Consultants is offering roof inspections for Phoenix facility managers, Phoenix property managers, property buyers, mortgage companies, insurance companies and real estate agents. By the time many organizations even consider a roof inspection or being proactive with implementing roof-management or roof maintenance plan; most buildings actually need roof replacement. Developing a Phoenix roof inspection program and roof management program can avoid the dreaded “budget-busting” roof replacement.

Mike Russo, editor of Roofing Solutions Magazine, “An out-of-sight, out-of-mind attitude toward roofing systems is dangerous. Too many property owners or facility managers have been burned by premature roof failures. With bottom-line profitability so important, corporate executives who are looking long-term can squeeze more money out of their commercial roofs”.

Wouldn’t you want to know the condition of your Phoenix roof? The results of a thorough roof assessment or roof inspection can save thousands of dollars in unexpected roof repairs on a new building purchase or to confirm the integrity of your existing roof.
TRM Roofing is has developed TRM: Total Roof Management Roof Repair and Maintenance program designed to save you money on your commercial roof, industrial roof or even you Phoenix retail strip mall’s roof.

Certified Roof Inspections

Why Phoenix Certified Roof Inspections? There is a big difference between a roofer looking at your roof verses having your roof inspected by a NRCIA Certified Roof Inspector. Using a Certified roof inspector can also give you the opportunity to have your roof certified with up to a 2-Year Leak Free® warranty.

Roof Inspection Cost?

So why don’t most property owners and facility managers in Phoenix Metro area hire a professional certified roof inspector or implement a viable roof maintenance plan? Is it inertia, or “out of sight out of mind”, It’s hard to know. What is certain, without annual roof inspections or implementing a roof maintenance program, expensive re-roofing is the end result. Having a professional roof inspection report will help aid in insurance claims.

TRM Roofing of Arizona uses the infrared technology to locate leaks and repair those specific roof areas, which in turn will extend the life of your roof. Many property owners and facility managers in the Phoenix Metro area prematurely replace roofs when implementing a maintenance program will not only extend their roof life but saves money! TRM Roofing Infrared roof inspections are a proven method for detecting trapped moisture problems in flat roofs. It can also prevent equipment down time, production losses and damage to structural components, which have been compromised by water. Periodic Infrared roof inspections can add years to the service life of a roof and find energy loss due to wet insulation.

Roof inspections provide the diagnostic information necessary for developing an effective roof maintenance programs, planning roofing budgets and for making informed decisions when considering roof repairs, roof maintenance, replacement or resurfacing with one of the popular cool roof coatings. TRM Roofing provides extensive roof reports showing the property owner or facility manager what the RCI (Roof condition Index) of their roof.

Roofing Associations Memberships
Roofing Associations Memberships