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Leak Detection For DFW Area Roofs

Using infrared thermal imaging can detect signs of hidden and hard to find leaks. locating the exact leak may avoid having your entire roof replaced. Our Dallas commercial roofing experts use infrared thermal imaging to locate the heart of the problem.

Can’t locate a hard to find roof leak?

When a property owner notices a roof leak or receives a call for a roof leak by a tenant they usually call a roofing contractor to inspect the roof. With roofs leaks the water will follow the path of least resistance and settle or pool in one spot. But where the leak begins is the issue - and may take hours to locate even for an experienced roofing technician. Dallas roofing experts at The Texas Roof Medics can make quick work of identifying the source of the leak.

Infrared Roof Leak Finder in the Dallas Area

Dallas Infrared Leak Locator

Locating a Roof Leak with Infrared Thermal Imaging

Dallas area infrared roof leak inspections

Infrared thermography is an invaluable tool when it comes to locating a roof leak source without the need to remove the ceiling tiles or performing an intrusive inspection. With Infrared leak detection, the thermal properties of water are unique, allowing water to be observed on the surface of building material or even within the building material being examined. When water evaporates on the surface of building materials, it cools. If the building material is at a different temperature, the water's thermal difference may be detected by conductance through the building material.

Infrared scans in the Dallas-Fort Worth area

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If you have a roof that may be retaining water and you have had multiple roofers out there to repair your roof, you may want to contact The Roof Medics of Texas to have a Infrared Certified Thermographer inspect your roof. Commercial roofing in Dallas by the experts with cost-effective solutions. Also offering commercial roofing services in Fort Worth and surrounding Texas communities.

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