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Flat Roof Coatings For Phoenix Roofing

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What is a cool roof coating?

In the simplest terms it is a bright white highly reflective elastomeric or silicone coating that reflects 80-90% of the sun’s heat. A cool roof coating or Cool Roof Restoration can cut summer utility cost considerably, extend the life of your roof and a cool roof coating can help reduce HVAC costs on your Phoenix commercial or industrial buildings.

The biggest benefits of having your Phoenix commercial or industrial building roof coated with a cool roof coating:
• Prolongs the roof life protecting it from harmful Ultra Violate damage
• Reduces the cost of cooling your building
• Your HVAC equipment does not have to work as hard which extends the life of your cooling units.
• Saves you money from reducing the strain on your air conditioning units.

Silicone Roof Coatings

Silicone Coatings are a technically advanced option compared to elastomeric coatings. Compared to elastomeric coatings silicone roofing coatings offer excellent weathering, dirt and chemical resistance, improved ponding water protection and much longer life than a typical elastomeric coating. One of the major manufacturers of Silicone Coatings is APOC. APOC’s Armor Flex Silicone coating is superior to your standard or even advanced elastomeric coatings. APOC’s Armor Flex roof coating is inorganic, moisture-cured that will provide a seamless, flexible and durable protective barrier for your flat, metal, foam or TPO roof. Ask your Phoenix roofing contractor about a “special” additive that we add to silicone coating to increase the strength and coverage of silicone coating for your Phoenix flat roof.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Elastomeric coatings are NOT made for low areas that pond water on your Phoenix flat roof. Most Phoenix commercial property owners and many Phoenix roofing contractors mistakenly think by applying an elastomeric coating to a problem area or low area on a commercial flat roof that it will be watertight. Unfortunately, elastomeric coatings break down under ponding areas and if not installed properly won’t stop a leak. Some Phoenix roofing contractors will “sell” the idea of a cool roof to an unsuspecting property owner as a solution to an old and leaky roof. While looking very bright and new right after applying the elastomeric coating the property owner’s roof leak problems will return. We highly recommend a APOC’s Armor Flex and Silicone Coating and APOC’s Armor flash for your Phoenix roof restoration system.

Something to think about!

If your Phoenix flat roof is not cleaned and prepared properly the elastomeric coating will not adhere properly and breakdown quickly. There are various manufactures that produce elastomeric coatings with varying qualities. The less expensive elastomeric cool roof coating the less quality and the less time it will last. Having a Silicone Coating roof restoration system installed by a certified contractor or approved applicator not only will provide your Phoenix commercial roof years of life but can come with up to a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty!

Commercial Roof Coatings & Roof Restoration Experts In Phoenix Roofing

The best roofing company to inspect your Phoenix flat roof and apply roof coatings is Nicholas Bryditzki and his TRM Roofing Team, which also offers cool roof coatings for Phoenix flat roofs. Remember, in low areas of a roof elastomeric coatings don’t work well and can have “potato-chipping” which is the breakdown of the actual coating. To avoid this issue, we recommend upgrading to a silicone coating; like the APOC’s Roof Restoration System where TRM Roofing of Arizona has an APOC manufacturer’s Representative on your Phoenix flat roof restoration project before, during and after. A Silicone cool roofing coating can almost pay for itself through reduced energy bills in summer. Silicone reflective cool roof coatings can extend the useful life of nearly every roofing substrate by keeping a roof surface cool and providing a level of protection from the sun and weather.

Call 602-829-9484 NOW to consult with a qualified roof coating expert and see if your Phoenix flat roof can be restored!

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