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Commercial Roof Repair In Phoenix

Before replace your roof with a Phoenix roofing contractor, see if your roof can be repaired. 7 out of 10 roofs can be repaired!

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Roof Maintenance Programs

First of all, if you own or manage a commercial building or apartment complex in the Valley of the Sun, there are many options available to you when it comes to prolonging the life of your roof. Many times you only need a spot roof repair or replace some missing roof shingles. Other times a simple TRM roof maintenance program or even a comprehensive roof restoration will be good options.

Roof repair on most shingle roofs are “no-brainers”, but a roof repair on a flat roof in Phoenix could be more complicated than just “patching”. Many times roof replacement is more economical than a roof restoration.

Helpful Advice: Have your roof inspected on an annual basis by a certified roof inspector or a Phoenix roofer you can trust. A real roof assessment can identify roof issues and your roofing contractor can propose a simple roof repair, roof maintenance program, roof restoration or even roof replacement. If you are looking for an honest roof assessment call TRM Roofing and ask about our Total Roof Management Maintenance Program at 602 829-9484.

What Roofers Don’t Want You to Know About Commercial Roof Repair

Flat Roof Repair

Phoenix Commercial Roofing Solutions

With our Arizona extreme heat, commercial, industrial, retail and apartment roofs take a beating. Our desert heat can really wreak havoc and cause damage to your roof. Heat can cause blisters and cracking to shingles, cause flat roofing membranes to deteriorate, cause the underlayment of your Phoenix tile roof to become brittle and cause liquid flashings or caulking to crack and deteriorate.

Phoenix Shingle Roofs: Shingles are basically, “what you see, is what you get”. Unless the shingles are so old that they have become brittle, in most cases they can be repaired. Most Phoenix shingle roof leaks come from around any roof penetration or near a roof valley or roof transition.

Phoenix Flat Roofs: Because flat roofs come in many forms, repairs can be a bit more intensive and more expensive that a shingle roof. In Arizona most flat roofs are installed of a wood deck. In other parts of our country, flat roofs are installed over an insulation board fastened to a metal deck.

Typical Flat Roofing System in Phoenix

The most popular is the single ply TPO roof system or sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF). Then there are, thermo-fused modified bitumen, built up roof with asphalt and gravel, EPDM or even a Phoenix Duro-Last® roofing systems. For more information on an infrared roof inspection, email

Silicone Roof Restorations Phoenix

The APOC Silicone Roof Restoration System for Flat Roofs in Phoenix. This is a very cost effective roofing restoration system ever! The APOC® Roof Restoration System for flat roofs is cold applied, Low VOC fumes, no hot kettles, and no open torch flames. It is fire retardant, is renewable, since considered maintenance qualifies for immediate tax credits and is EXTREMELY affordable. It is an ideal commercial roof restoration option and is VERY cost effective for Phoenix commercial and residential flat roofs. This roof restoration cool roof liquid system can reduce the heat buildup inside your building (caused by thermal absorption. . . AKA heat) and reduce the wear and tear on your rooftop air conditioning units. On the environmental side it reduces the urban heat island effect.

TRM - Total Roof Management Offers Maintenance Program for Commercial Roofs in Phoenix

TRM Roofing has a unique tax saving roof repair and maintenance program. Phoenix commercial, multi-family, retail and industrial property managers are faced with the never ending roof issues on older roofs. Let’s face it, installing a new roof does not rent apartments or retail spaces. Having roof leaks and roof problems with and older roof in the Valley of the Sun can cause complaints from tenants, loss of revenue and headaches for Phoenix property managers and property owners.

At TRM Roofing, we can show you how to possible save your Phoenix roof and extend the life of your roof, while saving you money, disruption to your tenants and providing HUGE tax savings!

Call 602 829-9484 and see if your roof qualifies for the TRM Total Roof Management Maintenance Program

Roofing Associations Memberships
Roofing Associations Memberships